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Our Spirit Store has been refreshed! Get your hands on our "Throwback Tee," vintage 2019, our Inaugural Year. Now that we are in Inaugural Year Part 2 (Upper School), we're celebrating with this navy blue Great Hearts Forest Heights original. Other shirts have been restocked, as well.


Let's celebrate our blessings by giving our teachers and staff a true "cornucopia" of flavors that reflect our family traditions and cultural diversity! We ask that parents provide family favorite recipes (with or without meat), side dishes and desserts. This does NOT have to be traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Please bring in food that brings you joy to make or a dish from your native country.

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Hi 6th-9th graders! You're invited to the first ever GHFH Game Night.

No experience necessary--curated games will be taught and hosted by experts. Feel free to bring your own games as well. Parents are welcome.

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Mr. Gonzalez is one of our rockstar volunteers that can be seen regularly serving on campus. He really shines in the copy room, where he tirelessly serves our teachers by saving them hours of work each week. He is passionate about reducing our waste and reusing what we can. We are proud to have a kind gentleman like Mr. Gonzalez as part of our volunteer force! See what he has to say about his experience and why he does it:

"I love volunteering, it's what I can do on a retiree budget. GHFH teachers are super! Being a teacher myself for 15 yrs, I know what they dedicate to the job they love...I am all for helping them out as much as possible in as many ways as possible!

The work that we volunteers do translates to:

  1. teachers leaving earlier from school to be with their own families

  2. teachers understanding they are loved and appreciated

  3. the hours put in by volunteers translates into $$$$ saved by GHFH that would otherwise be spent on private companies

  4. getting to know staff and teachers

  5. being there when staff needs anything and almost everything that may come up as work.

I love the work I do - I get to see my two most precious treasures (my sons) in the halls. I get waves, hellos, "I love you's" from students, and very often huge, huge hugs from my two sons...boy, life doesn't get better than that!!

The quality of volunteers we get is phenomenal...grandmothers, moms, Mr. Moms like myself, sisters, and even our scholars at special events. I love that we have the opportunity to help the custodial crews without whom we'd be up to our ears in trash so never forget that. Volunteering makes life easier for our two wonderful RNs, it allows staff to get their admin stuff done in a timely manner, and our maintenance team to keep up with building needs.

Our very own scholars see their parents and family members helping out in every way possible. What better way to set the example for an empathic, supportive community? If I was Elon Musk I'd still volunteer, give money, and adopt every child if I could, because it's all about the children and their tomorrow. Nothing can beat the smile from a child anywhere, anytime as happy children today means a Great Future for our community.

Some of us can give money, some of us can give time, but all of The Village raise our children and the children of the Great Hearts Forest Heights Family.

Get aboard, get smiles, those little hand I Love You's that children flash at us...what a pay-off for paying it forward!

What are you waiting for, come join the best volunteer team in all of south Texas.

Como siempre...para todos, Abrazos y Bendiciones

Raul Gonzalez, Jr.

Mr. Mom"

Special occasions

Happy Birthday!

Upcoming Events

  • 11/14 - 1st Home Basketball Game, Wear Gold--Gold Out!

  • 12/1 - Upper School Winter Concert

  • 12/2 - 1st Tailgate! Home games against GHMV at 3, 3:30 & 4PM

  • 12/8 - Upper School Fine Arts Night

  • 12/9 - Upper School Game Night

  • 12/9 - Literary Character Dress Up Day

  • 12/10 - Upper School Spirit Week Banner and Hallway Decorating

  • 12/13 - K-2nd Winter Concert

  • 12/15 - 3rd-5th Winter Concert

The Parent Service Organization (PSO) at Great Hearts Forest Heights serves in partnership with our school staff to support Falcon families via volunteerism, community engagement and fundraising. The PSO is open to all parents at no cost. Join us today! Click here to meet and learn more about our PSO.