A few testimonials from some of our wonderful GHFH volunteers

"I feel joy and community when I volunteer. Knowing that I can help make the day easier by getting copies done for our teachers so they can focus on the kiddos and go home on time, opening fruit snacks and hearing all the stories from the younger kids during lunch, and learning the bright ideas that the older kids are excited to share. On field day, I love seeing them cheer for each other and getting to cheer them all on as well. My kiddos not only get to introduce me to their friends, but my oldest gets to roll his eyes as I tell dad jokes at lunch."

-Athena Barr

"Volunteering allows me to appreciate just what the overstretched GHFH staff are going through...what a feeling I get when we get something, anything, just a teeny tiny bit off of their plate. Priceless!"

-Raul Gonzalez, Jr.

"I put my name in the hat for volunteering because no other room parent stepped up in my daughter‘s third grade classroom. I work full-time and honestly I didn’t think I had extra time in my schedule to “plan parties“ which was my naïve thinking about what room parents did. But volunteering and having the chance to experience the truth, goodness and beauty that resonates with all of the Great Hearts faculty and staff has been one of the biggest blessings I have been able to be a part of. I have also made some of my very best friends through my volunteer efforts on campus. I guess that’s what happens when like-minded parents who want to have a positive impact on their children’s lives come together for a greater purpose. It’s such a wonderful experience to see how much Great Hearts truly loves our children, as our headmaster tells them on an almost daily basis. If you were on the fence about volunteering, I encourage you to do so. For me, the reward has been 10 times the effort."

-Katie Edge

"We have been very blessed to attend Great Hearts. I volunteer my time because giving back to the school is the least I can do. My boys love school, they love to learn, and they have a smile on their face when I pick them up. That in my opinion is a result of being at Great Hearts! I love the classical method and I love the content they bring home. The Sousa family is Thankful!"

-Carrie Sousa

"I started volunteering as a room parent because I wanted to get to know more families at my child’s school. Not only have I enjoyed planning socials and celebrations, but I have made some really great friends. It’s such a team effort at Great Hearts and the volunteer hours required are minimal and on my own time. We work as a grade level team, so we all share our giftings in our role. As a working parent, I appreciate that. I have loved getting first hand viewing of my child and their interactions with their friends when I volunteer at their celebrations. I also love getting to know the teachers. It has been such a rewarding experience and I know my kids appreciate me helping out as well."

-Christina Isenhower