Building Community To Support Our School And Each Other

All School Festival of Nations

February 11, 3-5PM, Gymnasium

Our first Festival of Nations is coming! The school and the PSO are working together to start this friendship event in our community. We look forward to seeing the creative ways you choose to portray your culture and share it with other families. 

Whether your family has been in the United States for generations or just a few months, come share your heritage! Cultural dress, snacks, flags, objects, etc. are all encouraged! We also have a few slots available for performances on our stage.  Sign Up to represent your country

Urban Air Play Day

February 17, 10AM-1PM

Coming Soon! Another Urban Air Playdate on February 17, a professional development day. This was SO well attended last time (thanks guys!) that this will be a Forest Heights event only and not Invictus. We raised just over $1000 at our last Urban Air Playdate.

Note: This will end precisely at 1:00 so they can open to their other patrons. Fill out your waiver online ahead of time for quicker checkin.

Falcon Faire

Meetings: Tuesday Mornings at Bill Miller's Babcock/Huebner

The Falcon Faire is the PSO's primary fundraising and community building event, with games, inflatables, food, and more! This event provides the money we use for staff appreciation events, subsidizing the cost of other on-campus events, and supporting our school through various projects. We've previously bought picnic tables, shade awnings, library shelving, books, an industrial icemaker, etc. 


Hopefully our new, earlier date, will provide cooler weather! We need from you: Donations for our silent auction. Bins will be in the foyer at Upper and Lower Schools. All items can be used to create baskets for our auction! Also, join the team that makes this amazing event happen--it's a fun job that connects you with other fun-loving parents. Keep an eye out for meetings or email us.

New Hoodies for Sale!

Our Spirit Store has been refreshed and prices have dropped and prices have dropped on our classic PSO tees! Get your hands on our "Throwback Tee," vintage 2019. We also have new hoodies, so grab them for our short Texas winter. They may be worn in class on Spirit Fridays. We also have a selection of athletic wear available. 

Family and Business Directory

Our Family and Business Directory are now available! The directories are comprised of people who opted-in to having their contact information shared.

Note: This information is intended for our community only. Please do not share information or the password outside of our Forest Heights community. The link will always be found under "Resources" on the PSO website and at the bottom of the PSO Home page. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Alexandra Breeding

 Ms. Breeding has a daughter in 7th grade, and she can be found serving all over campus. She's been a regular volunteer in the Upper School and is the main person responsible for getting flyers into the hands of our oldest scholars as they rotate through their classes. Her creative enthusiasm as a room parent has also been a driving force behind off-campus activities for 7th graders. We are grateful for her!

"When did things become so busy? I feel as if I am still processing events from 2020; yet, somehow, I find myself running around putting out fires left and right. The ordinary day-to-day tasks have been elevated to urgent matters, and... “did I throw the P.E. uniforms into the wash? Tomorrow is Blue Day, right?” 


Between juggling our careers, caring for our children, and household responsibilities, there never seems to be enough time in the day. Which begs the question, “how does one find the time to volunteer at their child’s school?” Does any of this sound all-too-familiar? 


Of course, volunteering is not just another thing to add to my “To Do” list. I found that the more time I spent at school, the more I yearned to be there. For me, volunteering became so much bigger than I ever anticipated. We all know that schools desperately need our time, talent, and the occasional monetary donation. However, what we fail to realize is that the hours we spend volunteering at school give us a backstage pass for our child’s world. 


Initially, I did not recognize that this was playing out right before my eyes. How could I see that when I was perpetually running around like a chicken with its head cut off? It was not overnight, but I slowly started to find myself wanting to spend more and more time on campus. I wanted to interact with other Falcon families, faculty, and staff. I wanted to be surrounded by family. 


Volunteering had become a critical part of me. I felt it in my soul, and it is now a very fundamental part of who I am. Volunteering became a sort of gravitational pull, the type of pull one finds they need right before they can fly. 


My daughter and I became Falcons in 2020, and it was probably one of the best decisions I ever made for my family. Not only did I have that backstage pass to watch my daughter flourish firsthand, but I also started to see that in myself, too. We started to put down roots. The Forest Heights community grounded my family. We became a part of something bigger than us. We became part of the Falcon Family."

Special occasions

Happy Birthday!

Upcoming Events

The Parent Service Organization (PSO) at Great Hearts Forest Heights serves in partnership with our school staff to support Falcon families via volunteerism, community engagement and fundraising. The PSO is open to all parents at no cost. Join us today! Click here to meet and learn more about our PSO.