Flock-A-Falcon Family

Put a flock in it!

Let's spread Falcon spirit throughout our community! Choose a lucky family to flock for a full week for just $30! Bright pink flamingos with a large GHFH "You've Been Flocked" spirit sign will be placed in their yard on a Sunday afternoon and removed the following Sunday.

Click here to get in on the fun and schedule a flock (must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance).


  • Include the lucky chosen family's NAME, ADDRESS & GATE CODE (if applicable) in the Appointment Notes when booking, as well as any other special instructions for our flockers.

  • We want this to be fun and avoid creating any trouble for our friends and families. Therefore, we feel it's best to flock only single-family residences (i.e. no apartments, etc.).

  • Flocking of faculty/staff is NOT permitted.